sus propias palabras / his own words

"Sand is the result of time on the rock, as experience is the result of time over life."
 "I touched with care and apprehension the mud, I began to squeeze it and an unforgettable explosion came over me. That soft, smooth, touchable, moist material, amenable to pressure from the fingers, grabbed me and won me for life.”

 "When we speak of 'working' in sculpture, I say I don't work, I say I have fun. Because I'm ashamed to say I enjoy."
 "Piano, piano, is the watchword in the workshop. The stone should always be respected and allow the work to materialize in an almost imperceptible way ... "

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  1. ¡Qué hermosas palabras!

    Si se puede, me las voy a apoderar.

    Saludos y éxitos con la exhibición.